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by Philip Pelgrom

“The best slow jam of the last five years.”—Uproxx on the “Sweet Mystery of B*tches” song from the first episode of SuperF*ckers.
Catch up on the “Sweet Mystery” before the second episode premieres tomorrow, December 7th.

misc. philosophy

think that not having a purpose is something beyond human comprehension.
humans growing into more and more complex societies, giving themselves purpose on a less biological level.
think of humans as single celled organisms, then a family would be tissue, a tribe would be an organ, and a nation as an organism.
nations are now trying to band together to form something even greater, so who’s to say humans can’t do the same in an evolutionary sense.
what we could become.
maybe the big bang was the death of a [god], and i use the term loosely, and the ‘purpose’ of the universe was to pull itself back together.
or maybe we were all created by a [god] to have a companion, we are the building blocks for the ‘entity’ being assembled.

Drix ∞ Infinity - Show Out

it’s not that i need a significant other, i have plenty of those

i aspire to become the desire of another


Robot Koch “Brujeria” featuring Graciela Maria  


Doesn’t. Get. Anymore. beta male than this.